What the heck is a Jakirt?

As with all things in the Great White North we need to describe this offering in a way that will be partly functional and partly tongue in cheek…Jakirts are just that type of thing. On the ocean, there’s often a cool wind, in the mountains, the temperature can change at any time, on the prairies, folks are tough and these are all they need workin’ in winter,  with Global Warming, none of the seasons make sense so we need to be prepared. The Jakirts developed by Dakota Grizzly are good looking enough to go out in, varied enough so there’s a style for everyone and warm enough due to the insulation layers built right into the garment…not a new idea but really well done. The Dakota Grizzly Jakirts have different insulating components for each different style that will have you warm at the Barbeque, comfy around the fire and snuggalable any time.


Insulate a great looking shirt = Jakirt