Montane. Lightweight without compromise.  Born in Great Britain, tested by serious mountain professionals for over 25 years. Montane offers technical backpacks, a unique base layer, and all the jackets and apparel needed for mountaineering to trail running. This technical line of outdoor packs, accessories and garments is the official partner of the British Mountaineering Club and is constantly innovating for outdoor athletes that want pedigree, crave adventure and is proven in the world’s most rugged regions. Backcountry Serenity Gear has been working with Montane for a while and between the two companies there is a common interest in wilderness challenges and the gear needed to meet them

For the social animal in all of us there is Dakota Grizzly. This men’s line of focussed, hardy and stylish Jackets, Jakirts, shirts and pants covers all seasons and social occasions. These are beautifully finished pieces that can go to the office, the fishing hole, the football game or out walking the dog. Designed to cover a range of conditions and still look good you will find leather trim, special buttons and snaps along with some very stylish Yoke appointments. Dakota Grizzly is a product of North American design hailing from the Midwest in St Louis. We are proud to be working with Dakota Grizzly at Backcountry Serenity Gear.